Howell Middle School

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(Please read the full page message!) ATTN: PARENTS! We really need your help getting pictures for the yearbook. Let's "crowd-source" the yearbook!

We don't have nearly enough pictures of our students engaged in school activities this year because of the COVID-19 requirements in the school and remote learning. We didn't even start getting more than a third of the students in school, actually present, face-to-face until the second half of the fall semester.
We also don't have any team pictures from sports and very few game pictures because of the social distancing requirements. We don't have any groups or clubs this year because of the virus. And, especially, we don't have any pictures of our students at home doing remote learning!
If you could send us any pictures you might have from this year of your Howell students doing anything school-related we'll include everything that we can in the yearbook. This includes sports, home/remote learning, group pictures with family, or just random pictures of your student looking sharp :) we would really appreciate it if you could share them with us.
The link to upload your pictures is at the top of the page and below. The password to upload is wildcats