Howell Middle School

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About Us

At Howell, our mission is to ensure:

  • People are valued and appreciated.
  • Rigor is included in all content areas.
  • Integrity is expected and recognized.
  • Determination is exhibited by all.
  • Excellence is achieved every day.

Vision: Adding Value to Education for All

School Colors: Purple and White

Motto: Wildcat Pride!

School Song:

Howell Intermediate School how we love you so,
Keep your spirits ever high as onward you go,
Onward, wildcats, to the end, on to victory,
Hail to thee your purple and white, all hail to thee!

Yearly Theme: What’s Your Story?

History: Howell Middle School was founded in 1970 and named after Jefferson Davis Howell (Teacher 1910-1959).

Chronological list of principals:

  • Jim Wyatt 1970-1976
  • Charles Gilpin 1976-1985
  • Kenneth Ballard 1985-1991
  • L.C. Middleton 1991-2002
  • James Maroney 2002-2004
  • Deborah Crick 2004-2010
  • Clark Motley 2010-2016
  • Jo Beth Jones 2016-present