Howell Middle School

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Class Expectations:

  • Be responsible for your learning.
  • Work well with others.
  • Maintain silence during roll check, class instruction, and announcements.
  • Bring homework and supplies to class everyday.
  • Be working on warm-up when the bell rings.
  • Show respect for all students, staff, and property.
  • Follow directions.
  • Keep voices at an appropriate level for the activity.
  • This year homework will be assigned twice a week on Monday due Wednesday and Wednesday due Friday.  

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Grading Policy:

7th Math & Accelerated                                                      Algebra

   Daily work 30%                                                                                                   Daily 25%

   Quizzes 30%                                                                                                       Quizzes 25%

    Tests 40%                                                                                                           Tests 50%

Homework help/tutoring  
Algebra - Tuesday and Thursday
7th Grade students - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - Wildcat Time in Library.  Advisory time will also be utilized.
Parents scan the code below and fill out form.  You only need to do this once.  It will give permission for internet use and videos.  It also will give me your contact information. 

Contact Information:


Leslee Graham

e-mail address

conference time

12:52 - 1:41

contact # 578-1561