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Nurse Becky

Dear Wildcat Parents,
Welcome to Howell Middle School! My name is Nurse Becky, and I've been a nurse for 20+ years specializing in neonatal and pediatric nursing. I work full-time as a school nurse and PRN as a neonatal nurse. I love what I do both at the hospital and Howell; I have the best of both worlds! Children are my passion and making sure they are healthy and cared for while under my watch is my number one priority.
It is important to make sure your children stay healthy and eat good balanced meals throughout the day. As parents, you need to make sure your children are going to their regular check ups with their physicians and dentists. It is also important your children are up to date on their vaccinations. All 7th graders are required to receive a mandatory TDAP and Meningitis vaccination prior to entering school. Students will not be allowed to enter school until they are up to date. Sixth graders may receive these vaccinations prior to 7th grade so go ahead and get them vaccinated to get ahead of the game! Please provide me with an updated shot record as soon as you have it so our records can be up to date. This makes the registration process for 7th grade smoother. 
You may contact your school nurse at :
           1.  Direct Line- 361-788-2898 ext. 31616
           2. School Line- 361- 578-1561
           3.  Email:
           4. Fax: 361-788-9547
Below are a few action plans and medication request forms that may be useful for the well being of your child. 
Thank You.
Becky Mattocks R.N.
Howell Middle School Nurse